‘Inconvenient’ WeatherSV app Part III.

Following from the articles written by Kurt and Robert on the usefulness of our app WeatherSV to the climate debate we would like to present a rebuttal of Robert’s article and how through BSV and the further development of our platform we can indeed address some of the pertinent issues of the debate.

Firstly it is important to note that although it was a consideration, the climate debate is not a driving factor of what we are trying to achieve. The debate itself over data manipulation to suit political agendas has really blown up a lot since our release in April.

Robert wrongly assumes there is no debate about this but a plethora of tweets and other media sources would paint a very different picture. Kurt’s article is refreshing in that it is not trying to take a side or push an agenda it was just acknowledging the problem and how through BSV and apps such as WeatherSV we can ensure these kinds of debates do not need to happen in the future.


Clearly Robert’s premise that there is no debate about the data and is all about interpretations is plainly false. He then goes on to make a series of assumptions about how we do things which are also false and if he wanted to know the facts then he could have just asked us.

Censorship resistance

Robert does make some fair points about having trust in us and the sources to provide data free from manipulation. Our app at this stage is just a starting point but we are working on solving this by integrating stations to our platform that transact data direct to chain.

Once we have more sources reporting to chain it then becomes easier to compare and rate data. Not unlike Bitcoin mining, data providers can be incentivised to ensure their data is as accurate as possible and is proportional to investment.

An example could be the payment rate for data from a professional level station that is rated for .5 degree accuracy may receive twice as much as a lower cost station that is rated to be accurate within 1 degree.

Robert alleges we apply algorithms to the data which is untrue we transact the raw data to chain as we receive it. Possibly it does make sense to apply smoothing algorithms and others to the data for website presentation but have no plans or need to apply to data before written to chain.

Solving the Bigger issues.

There is no doubt that the larger debate will not be resolved with our current incarnation but it may lead to better outcomes as we accumulate this and a range of other data in to a single immutable ledger.

Combining earth weather with space weather, electromagnetism, ocean, seismic and endless potential data sources stands to significantly improve current prediction models.

Through the qualities inherent in the original bitcoin protocol, data and money exist as one and when workable at micro transaction levels has game changing potential in incentivising data collection and dissemination.

A revolution in the economics of automated data collection is occurring and the combination of technologies like IOT, bitcoin and neural networks make perfect sense to greatly enhance our ability to monitor a range of environmental factors enabling better data based decision making.

A recent paper authored by Konstantinos Sgantzos and Ian Grigg highlights the advantages of utilising blockchain stored data in the application of neural networks and AI technology.



We have a long way to go these are only early days but we hope that our project can help lead to improved outcomes for the planet through the better application of data that is provable for generations to come.

Unlike many in the wider crypto community we do not share the cult like dogma of treating block space as some kind of sacred ground instead we believe it is be utilised, tested and stretched to its capacity so that the technology continues to evolve and improve.

As technologists we see bitcoin as a tool to improve the efficiency of many of today’s processes. Currently thousands of organisations around the globe are tackling these problems through the creation and maintenance of individual data silos.

BSV creates a new paradigm for tackling these larger problems by providing a common interface capable of storing the world’s data in a single, verifiable ledger. Robert clearly lacks an understanding of the protocol and its potential to address many of the concerns he raised.

Regardless of where we stand on this debate most agree we all need to do more with less moving forward and bitcoin provides the perfect platform for massive savings of resources and cooperation in tackling these issues in a way never seen before.

Immutable climate data stored, indexed and displayed from BSV Blockchain