MetaStreme Integration

It is our great pleasure to announce WeatherSV is now utilising MetaStreme infrastructure to broadcast to the BSV network. This update greatly enhances the flexibility, robustness and potential scale of the application while simplifying many future development goals.

Increasing Value

As part of this integration we have implemented a new transaction format…

MetaStreme is a robust and scalable BitCoin wallet designed to meet the demands of high volume transaction applications.

Why we need MetaStreme?
In unshackling the original protocol and providing a road map of unbounded scaling, BitcoinSV has paved the way for its public ledger to be utilised for much more than…

Climate Debate

Following from the articles written by Kurt and Robert on the usefulness of our app WeatherSV to the climate debate we would like to present a rebuttal of Robert’s article and how through BSV and the further development of our platform we can indeed address some of the pertinent issues…

Bitcom API Endpoint

Thanks to the guidance of _unwriter in his recent tweet thread about Bitcom we have now enabled a JSON API endpoint accessible from the metanet.

Since its launch on the 3rd of April WeatherSV has grown to over 120 active channels around the globe. Our platform is now processing more than 3000 transactions per day with hourly updates to each of those channels.


Immutable climate data stored, indexed and displayed from BSV Blockchain

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